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Featured throughout the new Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 program, National Geographic Explorers help students and teachers make STEM connections to the real world.

Alizé Carrère


Alizé Carrère is a filmmaker researching and documenting human adaptations to climate change. After completing a B.A. at Montreal’s McGill University in environmental sciences and international development, Carrère spent time living in Panama before returning to McGill to complete an M.Sc. in bioresource engineering.

Center-Pivot Irrigation

Alizé Carrère is featured in Geometry Chapter 11 (Circumference and Area). In her research, she has worked in the Middle East on water resources management and electronic waste between Israel and Palestine. She has also conducted research in Madagascar, studying farmers who adapted to severe deforestation by using erosional gullies as farmland. 

In this Performance Task, students will learn to design their own center-pivot irrigation system which is used to irrigate crops more effectively.

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