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Meet the Math & YOU Authors

Our authorship team brings more than 45 years of experience coupled with a passion for mathematics instruction, student learning, and teacher support.

Ron Larson, Ph.D.

Ron Larson, Ph.D., is a highly acclaimed and award-winning math textbook author whose K-12, plus Higher Ed, student-friendly programs are known for their clarity, focus, coherence, rigor, and student self-reflection. Dr. Larson’s enduring commitment to making math accessible and relevant to all students is his singular purpose. 

Laurie Boswell, Ed.D.

Laurie Boswell, Ed.D., is a nationally recognized math coach, speaker, and author who has over 35 years of experience in teaching mathematics from elementary to college in New Hampshire and Vermont. Since 1992, Laurie has co-authored numerous successful math series with Dr. Larson and has held significant leadership positions in NCTM, NCSM, and CPAM among others. 

India White, Ed.D.

India White, Ed.D., is a highly regarded speaker, author, and mentor coach who has served as a classroom math teacher, math coach, and Assistant Principal. She is also a Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics Board Member and serves as their Access and Equity Chair. India’s mission is to bridge the achievement gap by developing effective strategies to incorporate equitable math practices into the classroom. 

Nick Lopez, M.A.Ed.

Nick Lopez, M.A.Ed., is a K-8 Mathematics Specialist in Central California, with extensive classroom teaching and math coaching expertise. His inspiration stems from leadership efforts to improve the mathematical experience for all students so that greater opportunities for students’ success in math abound. Nick currently serves on the California Mathematics Council State Board as their membership committee co-Chair. 

Paul Battaglia

Paul Battaglia holds a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction and has taught high school math for 25 years. In addition to teaching, he is an educational consultant, award-winning textbook author, and is regularly invited to speak at national and international conferences. Paul’s work involves efforts to inject relevance into the classroom so teachers can connect and engage more deeply with all students. For his efforts, Paul has been nominated for the Princeton Prize for Distinguished Secondary School Teaching.


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