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Math & YOU is an entirely new math program designed to empower educators and ignite student learning. With a singular focus on mathematics, Big Ideas Learning is uniquely qualified and committed to supporting educators and students at every step along the Math & YOU journey.

Written by renowned author, Dr. Ron Larson, and his expert authorship team, Math & YOU is a seamless and comprehensive program with cohesive math progressions.

Math & YOU sparks curiosity and encourages students to make instructional connections that enhance their deeper-level understanding of mathematics and its relevance, preparing them for success in the future. The conceptual framework of the program, combined with a focus on math in everyday life and careers, creates passionate mathematics students who are engaged in their own learning journey.


What is Math & YOU?

Built on four fundamental pillars, Math & YOU is purposefully designed to accelerate learning for ALL students, while providing teachers with the tools and support they need to motivate and engage students.

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Conceptual Foundation

Math & YOU ensures that students develop a strong conceptual understanding of mathematics, dig deeper in their learning, and make connections across content, creating learners who have a solid foundation in mathematics. This encourages students to think more broadly about mathematical topics while also ensuring success for learners of all levels.


Teacher Support

Math & YOU gives teachers the power to succeed in the classroom with resources to fit individual teaching styles, additional support embedded in each lesson, and an enhanced digital experience to create impactful lesson plans.

Teacher Support - Support Student Learning

Engaging Content

Math & YOU engages and inspires students with relatable connections to their lives, now and in the future. Every chapter in Math & YOU has a specific career focus that is carried throughout the chapter, including a Career Explorations video interviewing someone in that career about how they use math.


Innovative Digital Experience

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With data-driven insights to improve student outcomes, teachers are empowered to make instructional decisions that have the highest impact on student learning. The flexible and customizable interface enables teachers to choose students’ learning paths as individuals, small groups, or whole class with customizable and system-created groupings. Through robust, actionable assessments and reporting, teachers can make decisions and adapt lessons in real-time to accelerate student learning.

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