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Math Is What We Do!

At Big Ideas Learning, we believe in the highest-impact teaching strategies to empower teachers inside the classroom, so we can inspire students beyond the classroom. With a singular focus in mathematics, we are uniquely qualified and committed to supporting you at every step along your mathematics journey. 

Our award-winning K-12 instructional programs are exclusively written by renowned author, Dr. Ron Larson, and his expert authorship team. They are designed to engage and enrich both teachers and students’ mathematical understanding with comprehensive, seamless, and cohesive math progressions from kindergarten through high school. 

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Math & YOU

Math & YOU sparks curiosity and encourages students to make instructional connections that enhance their deeper-level understanding of mathematics and its relevance, preparing them for success in the future. The conceptual framework of the program, combined with a focus on math in everyday life and careers, creates passionate mathematics students who are engaged in their own learning journey.

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Math & YOU

Math & YOU, a brand-new comprehensive K-12 program, sparks curiosity and encourages students to make instructional connections that enhance their deeper-level understanding of mathematics. The conceptual framework, combined with a focus on math in everyday life and careers, creates passionate students engaged in their own learning journey.

A Seamless Digital Experience

Big Ideas Learning offers an immersive digital learning environment that fosters partnerships between teachers, students, families, administrators, and communities to support students’ learning, growth, and their ability to achieve their personal goals. 

Our digital experience empowers teachers, helps students achieve math fluency, and provides the right tools to maximize teacher and student effectiveness.



State Programs

Big Ideas Learning is uniquely qualified and committed to supporting educators and students across the United States. With math programs built for YOU, each customized state solution is aligned to your individual state’s math standards. Explore our current selection of state-customized solutions.

State Customized Programs

Big Ideas Learning has a math program built for YOU that 100% aligns to your state's standards. Each customized program is designed to empower educators and ignite student learning. With a singular focus on mathematics, Big Ideas Learning is uniquely qualified and committed to supporting educators and students at every step along your math journey.

Big Ideas, Big Impact

Comprehensive Math Programs with a Big Impact

With Big Ideas Learning’s math curriculum, teachers are empowered to succeed in the classroom with instructional tools that fit their individual teaching styles and resources that provide the additional support teachers need to effectively plan, teach, and assess to accelerate learning for ALL students. 

Big Ideas Learning’s instructional programs ensure that students develop a strong conceptual understanding of mathematics, dig deeper into their learning, and self-assess their progress. Through thoughtful and intentional design, our math programs help students make connections across content, creating learners with a solid foundation in mathematics, while also accelerating their learning 

The foundation of Big Ideas Learning’s math curriculum offers rich problem-solving, challenging students to think conceptually, model, reason, and develop their math practice skills as they learn. Our expert authorship team offers seamless articulation from kindergarten through high school, resulting in increased rigor and coherence.

Through high-impact strategies based on the research of Professor John Hattie, Big Ideas Learning’s math programs engage students' inquiring minds through relevant content language, engaging imagery, and interactive video, allowing them to have fun while making relatable connections to their lives. Our math curriculum inspires students and teachers to grow as independent learners through Learning Targets, Success Criteria, and ongoing student self-assessments.

Our Impact

What Our Users Have To Say

The digital platform is a game changer for me.  The video tutorials are explicit, engaging, and well-paced.  The Formative Check provides immediate feedback on student progress, making it quick and easy to differentiate and provide support where needed.  Since implementing the program 2 years ago, I have seen student growth and mathematical understanding that I've never seen in 20 years of teaching.

Grade 4 Teacher

Our students have seen exponential growth after implementing Big Ideas Learning’s program with fidelity for two consecutive years. The lessons are concise and challenging.  Additionally, we use the Progressions and Resources to meet with students either individually or in targeted small group instruction, to revisit specific skills as necessary, to enrich their understanding, and monitor their progress. The way the curriculum spirals supports the continuity of understanding in students from year to year.

Grade 5 Teacher

As teachers, we all know anything new is always viewed with some level of skepticism. In our first year using Big Ideas, 63% of our grade 3-5 students met or exceeded their desired growth on our Spring 2022 state testing. As a team, we set a goal of 65% for Spring 2023 and committed to following the Big Ideas pacing and rigor. We were thrilled when our Spring 2023 growth for grades 3-5 on our state testing was 76% of students met or exceeded their desired growth! As we plan for 2024, we know teaching the program with fidelity is the way to go!

Elementary Principal

At the end of 2022 after our first year of BIM, our students were asked, "How often do you use ideas from school in your daily life?" and only 50% answered, "Almost always" or "Frequently". We made some adjustments to be sure all teachers were teaching the program with fidelity including keeping up the pace to cover all of the material. At the end of 2023, 65% of our students answered "Almost always" or "Frequently". We are thrilled at that increase as we seek success in how our students can see the connection between what happens in the classroom and what happens in life! Our teachers shared that the program is a big part of helping our students make that connection!

Elementary Principal

Big Ideas Learning allows teachers to have various tools at their fingertips (both print and digital) to help students practice and come to a deeper understanding of an array of math concepts. The proof of the program's success is in the data from the beginning-of-the-year assessments compared to the middle and end-of-year assessments. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to seeing how our students continue to grow this year as we head into the third year of using the program!

Grade 5 Teacher
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