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Founded in 2008 by renowned math textbook author, Dr. Ron Larson, Big Ideas Learning creates cohesive, content-rich, and rigorous mathematics curriculum ranging from kindergarten through high school.  

Big Ideas Learning’s research-based instructional math programs, from Dr. Ron Larson and his expert authorship team, provide a balanced approach to empower teachers and promote students’ conceptual understanding and fluency in math. 


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Our professional team of experienced education consultants can provide customized professional development workshops ranging from initial implementation sessions to multi-day training seminars, depending on the school district's individual needs. Contact us for more information.

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Florida Education Consultant

The History of Larson Texts and Big Ideas Learning

In 1972, Dr. Ron Larson, a mathematics professor at Penn State Behrend, recognized the need for student-friendly math textbooks. After five years of development, Dr. Larson published his first textbook, Calculus, with D.C. Heath.  

For nearly 50 years, Dr. Larson and his expert authorship team have been committed to developing innovative, cohesive, coherent, and student-friendly math programs. Dr. Larson has authored over 100 award-winning titles of core mathematics programs, used by millions of students each year, from kindergarten through high school. 


Dr. Ron Larson begins writing math curriculum after recognizing the need for student-friendly textbooks.


Dr. Ron Larson signs his first contract to publish a Calculus textbook.


Dr. Ron Larson publishes his first textbook, Calculus, 1st Edition. 


Dr. Ron Larson forms Larson Texts, a small company run out of his office at Penn State, The Behrend College.


Larson Texts hires its first full-time staff.


Larson Texts releases its first digital platform, Math Tutor.


Dr. Laurie Boswell joins Dr. Ron Larson as co-author. 


Larson Texts creates one of the first multimedia mathematics textbooks ever, Interactive Calculus, as well as Internet Calculus in 1995. 

Larson Texts begins selling their production, typesetting, and software development services to other publishers.


Marks the development of Larson Texts’ first imprint, Meridian Creative Group, and the company’s foyer into becoming a publisher.


Larson Learning is formed and comprehensive instructional software is created, including Larson’s Elementary Math (K-5), Larson’s Middle School Math (6-8), and Algebra 1, with Spanish versions for each.

The company establishes its first sales force,employing representatives across the U.S.


Larson Texts forms the Division, Big Ideas Learning, as its K-12 math publishing arm.


Matt Totzke is named CEO.


Big Ideas Learning releases its first digital platform, BigIdeasMath.com. 

Larson Texts establishes an ongoing working relationship with Grant Larson Productions, a multimedia production company. 


Paul Battaglia joins as co-author. 

Big Ideas Math Middle School becomes a market leader in Florida. 


Big Ideas Learning forms a partnership with National Geographic Learning. Through this partnership, NGL becomes the sales and distribution arm of Big Ideas Learning. 


The company publishes the first volume of Math Musicals.


Dr. India White and Nick Lopez join as co-authors.

Dr. Sophie Specjal joins as an editorial contributor with expertise in Visible Learning, having studied under Dr. John Hattie. 


Big Ideas Learning releases Math & YOU nationally, which includes a brand-new digital learning experience.

Larson Texts acquires Grant Larson Productions and video production and design capabilities are brought in-house. 


Larson Texts celebrates 40 years as an employer and 50 years since the 1st Edition of Calculus was published.
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We believe in high-impact, practical strategies that have the greatest effect on student learning. Through a student-focused pedagogical approach, we provide educators with the tools and curriculum necessary for clear and cohesive mathematical instruction, that enables students to take ownership of their learning. 

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