Make Math Fun With Math Musicals

Adventures with Newton & Descartes

What Are Math Musicals?

Math Musicals offer elementary students a fun and engaging connection between math, music, and literature. Two furry friends, Newton and Descartes, team up in these educational stories, songs, and videos to bring mathematics to life!  
Math Musicals is an enriching feature of Math & YOU K-5 that allows students to tap into rich characters, relationships, and emotions, providing a landscape for developing SEL (Social Emotional Learning) skills. Differentiated Rich Math Tasks encourage students to make sense of and extend the math concepts presented in Math Musicals.  

Preview Math Musicals

all about trout
Grade K

All About Trout

Adding One-Digit Numbers



Kindergarten Math Musical Resources:

  • 21 Videos
  • 21 Activities
sassy salmon crackers
Grade 3

Sassy Salmon Crackers

Area of a Rectangle

3rd Grade Math Musical Resources:

  • 20 Videos
  • 20 Activities
take the shot
Grade 5

Take the Shot   

Adding and Subtracting Decimals

5th Grade Math Musical Resources:

  • 20 Videos
  • 20 Activities

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rich math tasks
rich math tasks 2
Shape Image One
Shape Image One