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Leslie Dewan

Nuclear Engineer

Dr. Leslie Dewan is the founder of Criticality Capital, an investment fund based in San Francisco, CA, focusing on new nuclear technology and other forms of carbon-free energy production. Previously, she was the CEO of Transatomic Power, a company that designed safer nuclear reactors that leave behind less waste than conventional designs. Leslie received her Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from MIT, with a research focus on computational nuclear materials.


Dr. Leslie Dewan believes that nuclear energy is a powerful tool to combat climate change. She has updated the design of the molten-salt reactor to keep its safety features and lower the cost of generating electricity. She hopes that this design can be used to generate electricity that is both carbon-free and cheaper than electricity generated from coal.

In this chapter's Performance Task students will discover what methods are used to generate electricity and investigate how the number of operable nuclear reactors has grown over time.

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