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Featured throughout the new Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 program, National Geographic Explorers help students and teachers make STEM connections to the real world.

Rhian Waller

Marine Biologist

Dr. Rhian Waller is a professor of Marine Sciences at the Darling Marine Center (University of Maine, USA) and specializes in the ecology of deep-sea and cold-water organisms, particularly corals. Rhian has led or participated in over 40 international research and exploration cruises and expeditions to some of the most remote parts of the planet and has published over 30 scientific papers and book chapters in her 9-year career. She is passionate about educating the next generation of scientists and conserving our little known deep-sea and polar ecosystems to be studied and enjoyed in the future.

Into the Deep!

Dr. Rhian Waller is featured in Algebra 1, Chapter 3 (Graphing Linear Equations). Through her research, Dr. Waller studies some of the least accessible locations on the planet. In preparing to explore the depths of the ocean, Dr. Waller must use mathematics to ensure a safe deep-sea expedition.

In this Performance Task, students will be able to plan a dive of their own by selecting a tank size, depth, and the amount of time their expedition will take.

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