Closing Out the School Year: Big Ideas for a Seamless Transition to Summer

  • Big Ideas Learning Consultants

Big Ideas Learning offers resources to make these last few weeks seamlessly melt into summer. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you close out the 2023-2024 school year. 


Data, Data, Data 

Give teachers a head start for next fall with a preview of student learning from the previous year. The Student Performance Report for each of your students shows where they started at the beginning of the year and how much they have improved in their mathematical understanding by the end of the year! 


If the student has taken a pre-course assessment, have them complete the post-course assessment and share it in their data folder. Next year’s educators can use that information to target instruction and provide support where needed. 



Interactive Learning Resources for K-5 

Keep students engaged in the last few weeks of the school year with interactive content. Use Math Musicals to remind students how much fun math can be! The upbeat stories, videos, and sheet music offer a fun way to connect math, music, and literature. Led by dynamic duo, Newton and Descartes, these stories bring math to life! Try creating a class play out of one of the stories and then complete a fun class project with the accompanying Rich Math Tasks. 



Make cross-curricular connections with STEAM Videos found in the Video Library to easily connect math and science and highlight topics to spark classroom discussion, all while making math and science relevant to the students’ everyday lives. 


Engaging Learning Resources for 6-12 

As the school year winds down, avoid the summer slide with Chapter STEM and Performance Tasks, both are great ways to reinforce what the students have learned throughout the school year.  


Performance Task 1
Performance Task 2-1


Strengthen real-world connections by having your students generate a list of careers. Pair students into teams of two and assign each team with a career from the list. Have the students take turns interviewing one another about how that career uses math to do their job. Record the interviews to watch as a closing activity for the last day of school. 



Avoid the Summer Slide with Math Games 

Big Ideas Math Games can be sent home digitally or even be printed and placed in Ziploc bags for essential practice over the summer. Digital games are multi-player ready and can even be used as a fun family activity.


Game Library-1
Game Library 2


Print and share Vocabulary Cards for students to take home to review with families in preparation for the next school year. You can even create a summer math calendar with bi-weekly family activities that incorporate these tools. 



See You Next Year! 

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to take a deep breath and say, “Wow, that was fast!” Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back, recognize the positives, and reflect on the growth you have helped your students achieve this school year. Congratulations! You made it!